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United around the globe to foster international trade and the advancement of women in business.

Ask the Experts

Q: I have just started the process of exporting my goods and would like to participate in several trade shows in the United States. I need advice on which shows would be best suited to my products. I would also like to know if there are any programs to tap into to help offset the higher costs of shows in the U.S.

A: Trade Commissioners across the country would be pleased to assist you with advice on trade shows and marketing your goods and on the mechanics of getting your goods across the border. The trade officers are familiar with many of the trade shows. In addition, they can access the expertise of the Canadian Trade offices around the world.

Q: Is export insurance really necessary if I am only exporting to the United States?

A: (From Export Development Canada) Exporting to new markets can help increase your bottom line and grow your business. However, no matter how well you know your export market, or how close it is or similar it may seem, you can never eliminate all of the risks associated with international trade.

For more information: Call 1-866-399-1959 or visit EDC's site

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