2018 OWIT - Toronto Board of Directors


Anita AgrawalPresident, Advisory committee 


Best Bargains           

Maria Marchyshyn, Advisory committee 

Analysis, G7 and G20 Research Centers, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto

Carolina Soto

VP Finance
Trade Advisor
Trade Commission of Chile in Toronto

Susan Baka, VP International
Bay Communications & Marketing Inc.

Sarina AhujaAdvisory committee
Senior Manager, Initiatives and Implementation in the Business Financial Services

Diana Moyano, VP Events and Promotion
OWIT - Toronto Chapter

Fawzia Sheikh, VP Strategic Initiatives and Marketing
International Market Consultant
Ontario Ministry of International Trade

Julie Nguyen, VP Educational Partnerships
Co-founder / Director 
Canada Vietnam Trade Council

Helen Hemmingsen
Industry Consultant
Hemmingsen Consultancy & Advisory

Julia Nguyen, VP e-Communication
Chair, Women Entrepreneurs Association, Canada Vietnam Trade Council
Marketing, Trade Office of Peru in Canada

Samantha KussmannEvents Planning Committee Member
Trade Coordinator
Trade Office of Peru in Canada

Aylin Lusi, Member at Large
Vice President, Public Affairs
UPS Canada

Alma Farias, Co-President

Managing Partner

Trade Partners

TFO Canada Associate

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