Carolina Soto

Carolina Soto is currently working as Trade Advisor at the Trade Commission of Chile in Toronto, holding a variety of management roles in Market Research, Financial Analysis, and Business Promotion. She has a Bachelor of Commerce (2006) from University of Chile and a Master of Global Business (2012) from University of Victoria (UVic), BC. 

Carolina has extensive practical experience in international and business development as well as in optimizing trade strategies gained from working in public and private organizations with a global reach mainly in Chile and Canada. 

Prior to her actual job, Carolina worked with engineering companies such as TGOOD North America Inc., and Terra Remote Sensing Inc., as well as through her own consultancy guiding international companies in order to develop and find new clients in Latin American markets in a wide range of sectors and industries. 

Her former experience working for the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO) evaluating international investment projects helped her to both realize the great potential of driving international business as well as to strength her sales, project management and financial analysis skills.

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